Physical Disabilities and Assistive Technology

More than before, assistive technology has become an enabling factor in the realization of talents and empowerment of students. In most schools, students have the access to school curriculum that fits students with no physical disabilities. However, students with physical disabilities are now populating classrooms emphasizing on the need for assistive education in the learning environment. Nonetheless, assistive technology creates an opportunity for students with physical disabilities to explore their talents, realize their potential and acquire skills.

Students with physical disabilities who use assistive technology stand to gain on various spheres of life. First, assistive technology promotes independence among students. This is because such students can use assistive technology to do research, write term papers and submit their assignments. In addition, assistive technology can empower students to engage in learning on their own and address their challenges. For instance, a student with voice-recognition software can read learning resources on a computer with the software installed. Some students can acquire new skills such as playing an instrument not to mention driving cars when they make use of appropriate assistive technology. These skills go a long way in empowering students.

Students with physical disabilities can gain significant benefits when they have access to assistive technology. Assistive technologies such as joysticks, touch screens, telecaption decoders can help students get the most from their learning. As a teacher, I will assess the needs of learners before introducing these technologies in the classroom. Similarly, I will focus on the skills of learners in using this technology to promote an effective use of the assistive technology. Assistive technology such as touch screens is best suited for subjects such as arts and languages where students can interact with computer software. In preparing for this technology, I will do extensive research on the technologies and orient students to their use.

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