Personal Model of Leadership

Moral values are valued highly in every society because of their significance in shaping visions of individuals, organizations or institutions. Leaders with moral values develop clear visions of the future they prefer to be associated, with not only their organizational but also with the societies from which they originate. Therefore, it is important to have a vision that reflects moral values and incorporates personal and organizational perspectives. Whitmire (2005) provides a vision, that is blended with moral values which helps in shaping the culture of an organization and establishes the expected behaviors from leaders.

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According to Eckersley (2008), a leader must possess the following values to be able to succeed in achieving individual, organization, community or institutional goals. The values include bravery, trust, and forgiveness. Leadership that is based on trust, bravery and forgiveness ensures that there is the success of the organization, and it helps the society to develop a sense of belonging. The following four elements: vision, mission, strategy and values have very strong relationships as pertains to leadership and future planning. Individuals and organizations make use of these elements to draw a roadmap and clearly envision a future that they want to achieve (Eckersley, 2008).

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For instance, the visions help the individual or organization to develop a sense of meaning and purpose. Furthermore, vision helps the leaders to align the organization towards the objectives, to enable it, achieve its stipulated results. In strategic planning, vision, mission, strategy and values are aligned to ensure that an organization succeeds. This implies that the role played by the leader in aligning the above elements is essential for organizational success and creation of value to the society.

Leadership that is based on the strategic planning helps the organization to realize its vision. Also, it helps the leader to make right and quick decisions based on the moral values and supported by the right culture and beliefs. Lastly, forgiveness and trust help the individual or an organization to set goals and work towards achieving them for the benefit of the society, organization or other people (Whitmire, 2005).

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