As the author states in his concluding remarks, his study should be a lee-way to future research on the same-sex marriages. After reading this paper, one cannot fail to notice that it is not only insightful but also comprehensive on the subject matter. Nonetheless, this paper can be improved if other aspects of the same-sex marriage and the marriage institution, in general, are incorporated.

In the opening remarks, the author mentions how the adoption of the same-sex marriages laws have led to heated debates from different quotas of the society. Nonetheless, the author has failed to mention any laws that have led to these controversies.

In his article “Same-Sex Marriage: A Selective Bibliography of the Legal Literature” Lute Wall holds that since the movement that championed the rights of the same-sex couples achieved its first success in 1993 at the Hawaii Supreme Court, many states have followed the suite. In 2000, the legislature created the status of civil unions in Vermont. A similar law was adopted in Connecticut five years later. California became the second state to legalize the same-sex marriages in May 2008, after the Supreme Court held that it was unconstitutional to restrict the same-sex marriages. It is apparent that the law has played a significant role in ensuring that the voices of the same-sex couples have been heard.

Moreover, this paper is incomplete by failing to mention the stand and feelings of the church on this issue. Despite the fact that a majority of the mainstream society has embraced the issue of the same-sex marriage, the church, especially the Catholic Church, is strongly opposed to it. A cursory look at the history of the church and the issue of the same-sex marriage indicates that marriage was arranged for family obligations, political alliances and procreation. It can be seen that love was not the only one of them as pro-same-sex marriage argue in support of marriage. This can be seen in Jean Ponder Soto’s essay “The Church and Marriage: Looking for a New Ethics,” where he asserts that the patriarchal family structure was the fundamental unit of the society and that men had to marry women to create families, which will eventually produce heirs, who will carry on the fortune and the name of the family.

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