Parental Recommendation Letter

After spending sometime on IMSA, I know that this is the right place for my son. This is because he possesses the qualities which are evident. Therefore, I can state with more assurance that this is indeed the right school for him. I have been impressed by his main interest in numerology, logical reasoning and interest in science. Since his early childhood, he has manifested interest and great passion in Mathematics and science. He dreams to be a scientist and a mathematician for a long time. His adventurous quality and confidence motivates me to assist him grow and nurture his aspirations in science and Mathematics

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My son is currently 8 years old and he is highly motivated to learn. He is a go-getter and he has a proven track of task completion. Since he was 6 years of age, he enjoys anything related to Maths problem or statistics. He completes all mathematical tasks that I assign to him. He has also proposed to hike with us across United Kingdom instead of staying behind. Mathematics is his favorite subject and he scores 100% in all Maths assignments. He has a proven record of studying Mathematics and science on his own. This is because of the personal drive and passion in Mathematics, science and technology. Sometimes, he tells me that he will become an engineer. He is very reliable and sociable. This is indicated by how he assists his peers in handling maths problems and in chess. He started playing chess at the age of five and he is the best in it. Additionally, he has won many trophies in young Champions Chess competition games.