Organization Behaviour


Organizational behavior investigates the impact of groups, individuals and structure in an organization. This field stresses that the behavior of individuals is extremely valuable in shaping the success or failure of any Organization. The purpose of studying organizational behavior is to apply such knowledge toward improving an organization’s effectiveness. Organizational behavior considers three levels of analysis, the individual level, the group level, and the organization level. Those three levels help us to understand the behavior in organizations and identify the challenges at each level. Also, this field of study includes psychology, management, communication and sociology. This paper seeks is a report on the skills learnt in two group assignments. It includes an analysis of the effects of personality in an organization, thus a high level of self awareness.

Organizations and group’s performance significantly get affected by the diversity of individual differences in perception, personality, and emotions. Organizational behavior during the group work changed my way of thinking and the effectiveness within the  group.  I learned how to communicate with group members and how to get the benefit from the group. The effective communication skills learnt in the group included the skills of encoding information and following protocol when making consultations. Also, the importance of using polite language when relating with group members is an Issue that ensued. The assignment tackled by this group entailed the use of an exceedingly polite language. As I learnt in this group, I realized that Organizational behavior cannot function without effective communication. The Use of feedbacks to confirm the effectiveness to the message sent to the officials in the Organization is also an aspect of Organizational behavior that I learnt in this group work.

In this group assignment, the importance of ethics in an organization also ensued. The stable performance of any sober organization cannot occur without the honor of ethics. In this group, we respected everyone’s opinion even when the person was wrong. We avoided compromising incidents such as laughing at someone whenever they made a mistake. Also, we ensured that we used the relationships between us positively. This means we avoided irrelevant topics in this group discussion. Our group leader always stressed the importance of ethics in an organization. During my first group assignment, we were seven people in the team, and because we know each other clearly it was easy for everyone to know his role. This was strength in the group since communication easily enhanced. The fact that we knew each other allowed the chance for a free consultation and did not interfere with anyone’s confidence. The decisions made by this group were highly efficient since they entailed a series of consultations.  Also, it was easy to go through the five – stage model. This model entails the activities of forming, storming, norming, performing, and adjourning. The first three stages were so easy because the first meeting entailed aimed at helping the members to understand their role in the organization. This stage allowed for members to pick the task they could perform best. The members talented with leadership skill got the responsibility to execute the demands of the group. These members got the responsibility to query the group members who did not observe time. This served as a highly instrumental phenomenon to teach students in the group that Organizational behavior relies considerably on the efficiency of the leaders of the given Organizations.

Another step was identifying the person who is responsible of leading the team. The person identified to lead us was the person with the highest sense of responsibility and he appeared to have the talent of leadership in him as an inborn trait.  The leader was assigned the responsibility to ensure smooth running of the group and at the same time ensure that the members participate accordingly. The exercise of choosing a group leader in this group was to avoid being unruly in the group. Therefore, Organizational behavior exists when people are submissive to a set of rules and answerable to one person in the group. After that, we started in performing stage where each member of the team started doing his task by searching and writing his part on the assignment and sharing information. During this stage, I realized that my personality and my passion lie in keeping records in an organization. I was exceedingly keen to ensure I compile the outcome of the analyzed points that the group members raised. Therefore, my efforts in the group were decidedly vital since it enabled them to tackle the areas of concern   assigned to each group member without getting confused. In the last meeting, everyone has done his part and during this meeting the leader has reviewed the work after connecting all parts together. 

My passion contributed to a good analysis that helped the group members to tackle all areas of the assignments. This is because I had divided the topic of concern into small subtopics. This enhanced a fast understanding of the topic among group members. Therefore, the members worked diligently towards the completion of an assignment that they all knew and understood pretty well. Adjourning stage was the last stage we went through when we hand in the final draft and getting satisfied about the work. The adjourning stag e entailed an exercise to measure the level of effectiveness. We reviewed the goals during the formation of the group. The results were excellent, and this showed that the group had succeeded in the organizational process. The group members learnt a lot, and this had influence on their personalities. The powers of the leader of the group were well stated by a constitution that we developed. This entailed the rules and regulations of the group, together with the code of conduct in the group. The governance of the group from the authority of one person enhanced the cooperation among group members.

 The members did not want to offend the group leader or breach the constitution that they had made themselves. Therefore, the members worked together towards completion of the assignment on time. In fact, each of the members conducted a research to the topic and presented it to the group. This enhanced the performance of the group since it involved the combination of the findings of all group members on the topic of concern. This showed that the group members got involved in creating the regulations that would be used to govern their performance in the group. The power also had some limitations, to avoid the possibility of the group leader being excessively powerful. The created some balance and a conducive atmosphere for exchanging ideas to improve the performance of the group.

Communication in the group was excellent it was easily to communicate to each other any time to add or correct information. The assignment had a basis on the book used in class plus an all- channel communication. This communication enhanced the interaction between the group members. The members who are shy improved the interpersonal skills since they had to interact face to face with their colleagues. This is functionally necessary since it improves the persons self awareness. However, we were facing some communication barriers such as language when we had an idea that we could not translate it without losing the real meaning or changing to different meaning. The problem of language ensued since some of the colleague members in this group had brilliant opinions that could not be factored into our final assignment because some meaning was possibly lost on the way. Also, this phenomenon stresses the importance of a common language getting used in an Organization to enhance the performance of members, without losing valuable information from the members.

Choosing the leader has a basis on his character and his experience. Since English is not our first language, we ensured that the leader should have good language skills to edit and correct in each part if necessary and connect parts together. Furthermore, the leader had made decisions about what is good and what is unacceptable for the assignment by consulting with other members of the team. Decisions were made through defining problems, taking suggestions and alternatives solutions, and then choose the most appropriate for the team. T the end of the task assigned with these group members, I realized that group members who know each other can be immensely helpful when it comes to group discussion. I also realized that I have a significant strength in compiling ideas and reported. This came along with compliments from my group members.

In the second group, we were five members. Among the five members, we did not know each other. Therefore, enrollment in the group was a hard task. However, this was a momentous strength since it allowed for diversity in the group. The members in this group had knowledge on broad topics, and they both had a lot to learn from each other. The interaction between these members was a cherished perspective in this group. Although there was only one meeting, the members interacted through email as the communication media. Personally, this group served to improve my confidence. I had previously feared interacting with other people, but this group helped me to build my interpersonal skills. This was an essential aspect since the relationship It developed the member’s skills to interact with other students, and the confidence to air our views at any time. The communicating between each other was by e-mails first to determine the date of the initial meeting, which got attended by four members of the team.  This communication was extremely efficient since all the group members are computer literate. In fact, the communication system stresses on the need of formal organizations to have well established and up to date systems of communication. This is to enhance the simplicity and speed in which the information in an organization flows.

In this meeting, we focused on the problems and found solutions. After that, one of the members showed the concerns of our group. Every member of our group was extremely vigilant to ensure they had contributed to the assignments of the group. The members gave close reference to the course book while at the same time they integrated the classroom knowledge with creative ideas of their own making. These Ideas were collected from the participation of all the members in the group. Creativity is organizational behavior which helps organizations to come up with unique decisions and policies in the areas of their concern. Therefore, our group may be said to be unique since it incorporated this skill when tackling the assignment. We did not meet after that because we used e-mail after that to communicate.  A member of the group sent to us the meeting result and the part for every one even the fifth member of the group who did not show at the meeting.  The leader of this group was exceedingly tactical and active to ensure the spread of the information that we required. Considering that got set apart by distance the organizations were made easier by the use of the internet as  a tool to enhance our communication. The conflicting ideas in the Organization got addressed to on the basis of consensus.

In the second group, we organized a clearly spelt culture in our group. This culture enhanced the formation of a leading group of people this helped to enhance the efficiency of the group.  Also, this culture also enhanced the formation of unwritten rules to govern the group in the future. Some of these rules that ensued in the group include the activity of every member. By default, every member of the group should be active. Therefore, the organizational culture enhanced the activity of every member of the Organization. The negotiations that took place in this group were well consulted, and they allowed the members of the group to contribute to the decisions arrived. This occurred when the group members had conflicting priorities or points of interest. It enhanced peaceful interaction and diversification of ideas. Also, creativity was massively enhanced in the group since the group members interacted freely, exchanging ideas on their areas of study. The level of creativity used in the assignments    integration of five creative minds. The group members were exceedingly active to contribute in the ideas composing the creativity behind the assignment.

 When everyone finished his part we sent it to each other, and one of us connected the parts together and submitted it in the class. The end of the chapter in which the assignment had a basis on helped me to learn a lot about myself. I realized that I can be good at sensitizing the members of an organization into active participation in a group and thus enhance teamwork. Also, I realized that the creativity of group members can be integrated with my creations to come up with a complex and hugely beneficial idea. This prompted me to always ensure that I am in the right company of friends to help me make use of the ideas of other friends. Personally, this group has changed my perception of Organization behavior. It has made me realize the seriousness behind the interpersonal relationships at group level. The relationship I had with my group members was supremely beneficial in shaping the performance of the group. Before submitting the assignment, this group ensured it had cultivated a warm relationship between these the members. This saved a lot of time and ensured that the members gained maximally from the group and the Ideas of their friends. This is all that composes Organizational behavior. The members should be in a position to learn from their colleagues and at the same time understand that their personality profoundly influences the performance of an organization (Langton, N., Robbins, S.P., & Judge, T 2009).


From the foregoing, it is extremely clear and vivid that group work is an exceptionally instrumental learning method, to enhance the learning of Management topics like Organizational behavior.  The interaction between the learners at group work can be used as a model to show how members of an Organization ought to interact. Also, the personality of members of an Organization is a tremendously crucial aspect in shaping the future of the Organization. Communication is also another noteworthy aspect that should be emphasized in group work in order to show its importance. Therefore, group work should be taken seriously since it serves as an important aspect of learning Organizational behavior. The leadership of organizations should also be based on talent and not politics since they are likely to bring in unscrupulous activities in the organizations.