Organic vs Industrial Foods

Over the years various studies have been carried out in relation to the healthy food between the industrial and organic foods. The researchers have dedicated their efforts in trying to come up with findings that can help man consume healthy foods. A lot of efforts have been directed toward studying the side effects of each type of the food that is, the industrial and organic food. The purpose of this study is to carry out an analysis of the previous studies conducted on this area and try to come up with the solution to the ongoing debate between organic and industrial foods. The study will involve studying the various findings on this subject and then making the solid conclusion on the matter based upon the facts from the earlier studies. There is urgent need to come up with one common ground on this subject. There is confusion on the matter and there is need to have factual information as a basis of advising the population.

Significance of the study

This study is important in trying to find the solution to the debate on what type of food is safe to be consumed by man. The study will provide factual findings as the basis of argument before making the recommendation on which type of food is safe for human consumption. The study intended to lay down ground for future analysis on the subject of organic and industrial foods.

Methodology of the study

The study involves analyzing the already collected data on industrial and organic food. Thus the main method of collecting data and information on the subject of the study will be through literature review, though observation and field work will be used as the secondary methods of data collection.

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