Newton’s Laws of Motion

Sir Isaac Newton made major contributions to the field of philosophy; a science which deals with logical thinking. He is considered to be one of the most outstanding thinkers of all time. He was the one who formulated the three laws of motion which provide a logical explanation of what happens when a force is exerted on an object.

In his first law of motion, Newton states that the velocity of an object is not bound to change unless some external force acts on it. A constant state is maintained in objects, implying that those which are stationary will remain at the same position until a force affects them. In the same way, an object in motion will remain moving. A force will be responsible for even the slightest bit of acceleration witnessed in a moving object.

The second law of motion gives a mathematical analysis of the impact of the force on an object. According to the second law, the mass of an object m multiplied by the acceleration a equals to the resultant force F. This is the force which causes the object to assume a velocity different from the one it initially had. The kind of relationship displayed shows that the acceleration occurs in the same direction as that of the force and in an equal proportion.

The third law of motion can be explained by examining the thrusting force which is used in mechanical propulsion applied in the transport industry, for example. It states that an equal reaction always occurs in return to an action of force. Combustion in plane engines produces hot gases in the backward direction pushing the plane forward.

This contribution by Newton has enabled people to understand why objects behave the way they do when forces act on them. In addition to that, the principles have found several applications in the modern world, especially in the field of mechanics. This makes Isaac Newton one of the greatest scientists of all time.

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