Neville Chamberlain

The British people especially the women were not happy to see their country being in war with German. They were anxiously waiting to here that the possibility of a war rising between their country and German was no more. They felt happy and more concerned about the Premier’s efforts he had put int placebo stop the brake of war and that is why they wrote to him several letters congratulating him this. They saw the quarrel with Germans over the Sudetenland as something of less concern to their country as the two countries seemed to be too uncorrelated geographically.

Even though the British people expressed their sympathy on their between German and Czechoslovakia over Sudetenland but they as well discouraged their country against its involvement. This is because the people felt that there was no justifiable reason for there to be a fight over Sudetenland. And furthermore, their country had not signed any agreement with the Czechoslovakia or had no legal obligation to support and defend it to keep the Sudetenland within its territory.

According to Chamberland, the British and the French Government was advising the Czechoslovakia government to come up with a long lasting solution with Sudetenland on matters regarding their territories. This was meant to save the country from any military humiliations from German. A part from that but also they wanted to shade light on the country’s future as a new nation without Sudetenland that it was brighter than it is now. Thus Chamberland saw the accusations on Britain and France as being false since Czechoslovakia was given another wonderful chance enjoy it’s the future as once again a peaceful nation.

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