Netflix and Blockbuster

Netflix and blockbuster are both key competitors in DVD rentals industry and have different packages that are customized to suit their customers’ needs as well as retain customer loyalty. This is a comparison of the two to establish the company that offers value-adding bundles and prices to its customers.

Both companies offer the movies by mail plan at the same price but they vary in slightly in the extra value-adding services included. At the same price, from $8 to $16.99, Netflix offers unlimited DVD streaming from the comfort of their homes. In addition, they have the cheapest bundle for the limited plan at $4.99. Blue rays movies costs extra for Netflix customers. Blockbuster customers have to pay extra for bundles that include in-store exchanges as well as DVD streaming which is not included in the monthly bundle. Besides, DVD streaming in Blockbuster is charged per movie. Moreover, they sell their movies and TV shows.

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Netflix customers enjoy better services as compared to Blockbuster customers. This is because there are bundles that suit their pockets thus cost saving. The unlimited DVD streaming makes them be comfortable in their homes as compared to the in-store services in Blockbuster where a customer has to make visits to stores in addition to the extra cost. Netflix customers also enjoy blue-ray movies which lacks in Blockbuster stores.

Therefore, despite blockbuster customers’ instant store exchanges, Netflix customers are better placed for the free streaming as compared to their prices. In addition, Netflix have a special package for blue-ray movies. They also have the cheapest package between the two companies.

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