Modern Technology and Poverty


Modern technology helps to accomplish the requirements and needs in the modern society such; needs to communicate, business solution, health sector requirements and educational needs. Poverty is a state of mind that is self-imposed sometimes. In this case, it is possible to prevent poverty. This course paper seeks to discuss issues related to the modern technology and poverty.

Option # 5

Poverty is simply having insufficient materials, which are necessary for life. In this case, poor persons are persons who cannot afford or obtain the necessary materials to sustain their lives. In this way, the poor people have to depend on other people to help them. However, other people impose poverty on themselves. This is because of their laziness, lateness, immorality, selfishness, greed, short-sightedness, alcohol abuse, addiction and gambling. A good example of such a person is my next door neighbor. My neighbor has imposed poverty on his family because of immorality, greed, alcohol abuse and gambling. The solution, in my neighbor’s case, is to free him from this lifestyle.

Option # 6

The modern day society is a technology driven and civilized society. In this way, the society in the modern days recognizes computers, email, internet and other gadgets, which are beneficial tools and living without these gadgets is the same as living without air. Modern technology connects the world, makes lives simpler, provides motivation and inspiration to perform physical activities, makes multitasking of functions possible and is highly effective in the health sector. In this case, life without the modern technology would be remarkably different. Living without technology would mean that there would be less communication, the health sector would suffer and the pace of life would eventually slow down (Papalia 2003).


Human beings are primarily in control of their lives. This is because they can choose to prevent poverty and they can adapt to the modern technology or the opposite. In this case, every person has the ability to prevent, adopt, apply, reject and accept different virtues and vices in the society.

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