It is necessary to stress that microarray technology takes its roots from Southern blotting. Here fragmented DNA is tied to a certain substrate and after that, it is compared to already known fragment. The first experience of doing the above-mentioned procedure occurred during the analysis of three hundred seventy-eight bacterial colons that were preliminarily arrayed. This experiment gave birth to numerous further discoveries in the field. More than four thousand of human sequences were discovered with the help of special scanning performed by computer technologies. It is known that the application of microarray was discussed by scholars much earlier before its invention – in 1987. The first genes were created with the help of spotted cDNAs and special filter paper. A complicated pin-spotting device was applied to do that.

Unfortunately, the data of microarray invention is still unclear, but it is known that it occurred due to hard work performed by two groups of scientists. This happened approximately in 1995; microarray has never been applied before that time. This year is the first when the usage of microarray was reported. At that time numerous scientists started their work on the issue of the microarray. One group of scientists working at microarray belonged to Stanford University and was administered by Patrick Brown and another group of researchers worked at Affymetrix. The invention made by these two groups of scientists gave an opportunity to classify leukemia patients in 1999 and this became a huge step forward. The first publication about microarray appeared in 1997. At that time the whole world got to know about a new phenomenon and discussed the innovation.

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