Metro Raise

The focus on metropolitan areas is crucial regarding the generation of statistics that depicts the actual effects of changes in wages and levels of employment. These areas mostly host low and average income earners, which is the group that faces considerable challenges due to changes in various aspects of income generation. Thus, metropolitan areas provide the most appropriate sample for the research concerning changes in the accessibility of necessities, which presents the best illustration of the impacts of alteration in the economic power of individuals. Declining levels of dependable sources of income poses significant effects on the low and average income earners (Alan et al., 2008). An evaluation of employment trends in metropolitan areas presents the most appropriate results on the impact of declining revenue generation among the populace. Furthermore, the largest percentage of the country’s population resides in metropolitan areas. Thus, a research based on this group presents an overview of the general situation in the country.

An evaluation of the scope of EITC is crucial, concerning the enhancement of various aspects relating to low and average income earners. Increasing the EITC allocation to childless low-income workers will help the concerned parties to mitigate various challenges resulting from low financial power. However, it is necessary to regulate the allocations in such a manner that it does not encourage over-dependency. Extending the flexibility in EITC calculations is necessary to allow the accommodation of various levels of income earners (Alan et al., 2008). This will facilitate earners with more family responsibilities in their quest to meet various necessities. In addition, it will promote a regulated channeling of funds into various welfare programs that are beneficial to the whole population. Furthermore, it is crucial to consider that individuals with different incomes possess varying economic powers. Family responsibilities impose financial burdens on individuals. People with similar earnings, but different family responsibilities, require financial considerations that address their spending.

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