Meditation helps in refining one’s senses and facilitates growth of one’s perception. This is because presence of stress, depressions, anxiety and uncontrollable thoughts acts as impediments to perfections in the nervous system. By helping contain these conditions, meditation heightens sensation and perception.

I have considered integrating meditation into my lifestyle schedule. The strategy that I have opted for is as follows:

  1. Wake up an hour earlier.
  2. Go to silent place to avoid disruptions and distractions.
  3. Appreciate the existence of a higher me.
  4. Listening to inspiration background music
  5. Replacing some entertainment time with meditation.

Meditation types and techniques

Web Address (URL): Types of meditation Meditation techniques
Summary of resource: Meditation is perceived to be among the best alternative to have a balance in one’s mental, physical and emotion welfare. It basically categorizes meditation into conceptive and non-conceptive meditation. Use of meditation is viewed as a way of modifying the situation for the better through concentration and not eliminating stimulation. This source views meditation as a way of generating harmony with the environment. This is based on the understanding that one gets awareness of the surroundings. It views such techniques as basic meditation, focused meditation and mindfulness as an avenue to ones inner peace and harmony.
Two interesting facts: 1. One can suspend thoughts. Meditation is affected by one’s posture or activity. It’s difficult to fail to engage passing thoughts. It’s easier to focus into the present than the past or the future
What happened after you tried each technique? In mindfulness meditation I succeeded to move attention to my mind and sounds around. I realized sounds that existed but I never knew. I got aware of how I was breathing and I succeeded in focusing on air movements. It was peaceful to empty the worrying thoughts from the mind. I found practically impossible to let thoughts through my mind with engaging in a dialogue. Through focused meditation, concentration to the present gave me a feeling of peace from my bothering past and my worrying future. However, it was difficult to maintain focus.

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