Maritime Activity

During the sixteenth century and seventeenth century, Africa received various groups of external people with various intentions and culture which caused a lot of influence and change to the indigenous activities in the continent. This was through maritime or ocean activities and cargo transportation. The main cargos during the time were African human beings (Kotzmatz Media Konsults Ltd, 2005).

The major groups consisted of the Arabs and the Europeans. The Europeans’ first intention was to trade with Asia but they started to set up trading posts as they moved along the Atlantic coast of Africa. Their interest was just gold but it later resulted into Atlantic slave trade. Arabs were also slave traders who conducted the raiders directly while the Europeans bought slaves from African rulers and Arabs slave negotiators. The two groups traditionally believed in trade.

The groups had a lot of influence and change on the indigenous activities in the continent. For instance, when the slave trade dominated by the Arab Sultan of Zanzibar, most of the African slaves who were taken worked in the East African plantations. The Africans had no rights to do their own activities. There was Islamic expansion caused by Arabs. The African political organization structure was extremely affected by the slave trade. The trade routes in the continent reallocated. The states of Africa of the savanna rejected when the coastal states enlarged with possessions and significance. There were also clashes over trade routes control among the coastal people. The Africans got access to European firearms, many were sold to Europeans for war and the whole Africa was highly depopulated (Basil 1991).

Europeans had a major contribution on the African’s history as their African Slave trade began during the mercantilist era and continued into the industrial era. This is because Africans slaves played a major role in the industrial revolution.

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