Some contradictions have arisen regarding the basic components of a being that qualifies it human or a person. First and foremost, for a person to be considered normal or complete in terms of both mental and physical characteristics, he or she must have the two mentioned aspects in them. Physical and mental properties of individuals are not always the same. People of different characters undoubtedly have different mental and physical properties. For instance, an arrogant person cannot be compared to a humble person. The two have totally contrasting characters. However, they still do have mental characteristics, which reveal their behaviors. Moreover, the mental and the physical aspect have to be present. Mental aspect is abstract ant, therefore, without the physical part; there is no visible human being.

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Modern technology can never reach the level of human intelligence or creativity. The most recently discovered Artificial Information cannot match the natural and automatic, human brilliance. Secondly, it is the human being who develops technology; in other words, technology is under his or her control. No servant can be bigger than his master, to be honest. Therefore, technology will remain under the control of a human being and they can not reach the level of human operations.

Physical being has the ability to comprehend and depict emotions, but they can not be categorized in the same group with human beings. Piccard was a human who discovered explorer. According to me, robots have physical properties but lack mental property. For an individual to be considered to have mental property there has to be the existence of brain. Mental property results from brain activities. Animals, on the other hand, have both physical and mental properties; however, the level of mental property cannot be compared to that of human beings.

All in all, human beings, animals and robots tend to have similar characteristics. They should thus, be treated with the utmost care as they are acutely crucial in the society.

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