Life and Health from Another Point of View

PowerPoint slides include three key ideas. They helped me to look at my life and health from another point of view. The first key idea is closely connected with water and its influence on human body. It turns out that a person should pay attention to the amount and quality of water he/she drinks. Too little water may become the cause of dehydration and drinking too much water leads to hyponatremia. The norm is about eight glasses of water a day. This information made me pay attention to the amount and quality of water I drink. As a result, I decided to by a filter and count the amount of water I drink every day.

The second key idea deals with vitamins. The human body needs them every day because nowadays people live in the polluted environment and work very hard to earn money. However, it is very important not to overuse vitamins. There are two types of them. They can be: fat soluble and water soluble. The first ones are absorbed with the help of fats and the second ones are dissolved in water. The quality of today’s fruits and vegetables is not very good; that is why it is necessary to use additional vitamins. After reading the information about vitamins, I understood that there should be some golden mean in their usage and one should consult a doctor before buying any vitamins. I decided to do this as well.

The third key idea is that the quality of food we eat depends upon ourselves. One should pay more attention to the labels when buying something. Moreover, it is important to keep food in a proper way. For example, it is recommended to keep cold meal cold and hot meal hot. Fish and meat should be eaten only within one or two days. So, I decided to follow these recommendations and even bought a meat thermometer.

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