Leadership Model Level 4

This will involve embracing the integrative leadership model which is characterized by the application of the various real-life experiences to the solution of certain business problems. In this model, the leader applies the knowledge he or she has but still goes an extra step to consider the opinions of other people, who in one way or the other can make a positive contribution to the problem at hand.

In this model, it is imperative for the leader to uphold flexibility in decision making, especially, in matters that he/she feels his/her knowledge overrides that of other contributors. Even when one thinks that his/her decision is the most accurate, it is important to take a different perspective on an issue and thereby integrate the views of other people. However, it should be noted here that it is normal for each and every individual to feel that his/her opinion is the best and the only one that could be considered.

In order to fully appreciate this model, there are qualities that a person ought to have. Firstly, the leader is expected to be a person of the moment. This means that the leader should be a person whose attention is at the present in everything he she does. For example, during a meeting, the leader should listen to each and every contribution made by other people before he makes the decision about which contribution should be considered (Russell, 2011).

The leader should also be a person that is humanistic. This is the only way by which he/she could make a rational judgment when considering which contribution should be included in the decision to be made. The integration may not only be done at the decision-making stage but also at the implementation stage. This model is, therefore, likely to result in a teamwork.

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