Leadership Model Level 2

This level is concerned with the thoughts and the resultant behavior of a person as a result of the conscientious activity. At this stage, the model studies the various actions or behaviors that a leader should have in order to become successful in his/her activities. It is also at this stage that the model concentrates on the behavior of the leader that illustrates his/her ability as identified in the first level to successfully address the various challenges that may face any organization at whose helm he might be (Russell, 2001).

The fact that the behaviors and norms in this model cannot be observed at this stage is a clear indicator that making assumptions basing on the second level behavior may result in inaccurate information. This behavior is, however, crucial for monitoring considering the fact that the state at this level will most definitely affect another level.

In any organization, results are produced as a result of certain behaviors existing in harmony with each other. This, therefore, means that in order for a leader to be termed successful he/she be someone that succeeds in wiring the two concepts together. A leader should, therefore, endeavor to define the behavior that he/she feels would contribute positively towards an organization’s success. This behavior should be modeled to be appreciated and acquired by those behind the leader and especially those that respond to him (Russell, 2001).

Leaders in most cases overemphasize the achievement of results without taking a moment to pay attention to their behavior. This, therefore, results in a situation in which the leaders fall short of their potential achievement within the organizations. The consistent patterns in an organization are known to contribute uniquely on the organization’s success by creating a cultural behavior. If a leader champions a poor cultural behavior, there is a high likelihood that the organization will not stand the test of time (Russell, 2001).

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