Labor Unions in the United States

Labor unions in the United States are acknowledged as the legislative body of workers in lots of industries. In the United States of America, the rate has declined and this has been explained through various reasons. Some economists argue that corporation opposition to unions is to blame for the decline. This is because many companies in the United States do not advocate and encourage their employees to join labor unions. This has in effect reduced the number of employees who join the unions to a negligible percentage, with some research firms equating the enrolment percentage to 9%.

The declining count of workers in the union has also been attributed to the shifting composition of the labor force. For several personnel today, for instance, teenagers, their jobs symbolize a second or impermanent income. This shows that they have a less significance in the long-term employment intentions practiced by unions, leading to a small employee count in the unions. To some extent, the government is also to blame as it has taken over the responsibilities filled by unions, hence unions becomes insignificant to employees as the government takes care of their needs.

The decline in the labor unions affect American employees in that their rights will end up violated due to lack of a body that can negotiate for employee rights. It is also suspected that their bargaining power in the government will also be disregarded. The American worker at the long run will be least willing to offer her services due to the hostile terms and conditions in the work employment and hence the country’s investment rate will decrease. The workers will also be subjected to working in horrible situations as each individual’s voice cannot be heard as in the case where the unions acted on the behalf of workers.

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