Juvenile Justice: Counseling

Our group has chosen to counsel as a form of youth rehabilitation. We believe that due to the maturity and the age of these offenders, they should be treated differently than their adult counterparts, and thus more focus on rehabilitation than punishment should be placed. We believe that quick fix programs will not work, and thus the sessions should last over some months to be effective. Counseling is an integral part of any rehabilitation program, and individual counseling should be used to address the needs and concerns of youth offenders. This is because teenagers have different psychological and hormonal concerns than adults as well as some lingering issues from their childhood that need to be sorted out. Counseling will help motivate the youth in a positive way. To make this program effective for the young offenders, they should take place in the community in such places like school, home or in social agencies. The goal of our program is to ensure that the young offenders who enter juvenile justice are managed in available local programs through dispositional alternatives in order to reduce juvenile crimes in the community. Our program follows the BreakAway Company model that is a highly structured program that can either be school or residential, based on the offenders cognitive behavioral values. Offenders here will be treated as employees, and group indent will then be fostered, and they will be able to receive a token, contracts or bonuses and even do short-term placements. This will help students learn strategies and use them in different settings. The counselors involved will oversee the program, and they will source money from NGOs that are involved in the rehabilitation of youth offenders including DSHS and (Juvenile Rehabilitation Administration) JRA. The professionals used in this kind of program are the juvenile probation councilors or the youth corrections counselors whose main work will be to ensure that the juvenile offenders are given professional help.

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