John 10

It was during winter when Jesus attended a festival of Dedication in Jerusalem. While he was strolling the temple, a group of Jews gathered around him telling him to stop keeping them in suspense as they need to know whether he is the Ьessiah. Jesus responded by saying that he has already told them but they have failed to believe him. He further explained that whatever he does in the name of his father is enough to tell about him. However, he explained to them that they fail to believe him because they are not part of his flock. His flock hear is his voice and they are known to each other. He gives everlasting life to his flock such that they never die. He told the Jews that nobody will get the flock away from him because it is what his father gave to him and there is nothing above it. He concluded by saying that him and the father are one thing.

The passage is a demand from the Jews requiring Jesus to explain whether he is the one who was sent to the by God. The passage explains the answer that Jesus gave to the Jews as to why they are not able to recognize him.

Some of the issues arising from this passage include the reason why Jews could not recognize Jesus as the Messiah whom they were expecting yet Jesus claims that there are those who are able to recognize him (his sheep). It is a bit ridiculous that the Jews waited for the Messiah and long after he had come, they were still not sure whether he was the one. Another issue that may need to be looked at is who are those Jesus is referring to as his sheep, and why these Jews are not among them. What is it that has sidelined them from Jesus’ sheep?

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