Issues Affecting the Internet

While internet service providers are expected to provide adequate safety for internet users, it is not in their jurisdiction to monitor content posted by users on their websites. Similarly, the internet service provider is not liable to monitoring sites which users visit. This will have an impact on e-business as some sites advertising consumer merchandise may not get sufficient attention based on content in related websites (Manuel, 2001).

The other major regulatory issue facing the internet was introduced by the Internet Watch Foundation that controls the content available online. The foundation controls content especially if it contains images that portray child abuse. Such a regulation could hinder future advertisements and e-business especially where the adverts target children as they have to meet the requirements of the foundation (Harri, 2007).

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Another regulatory issue involves crime and users of the internet so that internet providers have to work hand in hand with the law enforcement officers. This includes availing information regarding criminals and criminal activities to the government. This issue will affect online business as companies owning websites will be forced to reveal personal details of clients which is against the privacy rules of marketing (Manuel, 2001).

Similarly, in the same line with audio/visual advertising, internet marketers are advised to ensure that the content they post on their websites is not misleading. The policy points out that information on products should be accurate and the advertisers will take full responsibility. This will have an impact on future e-business as marketers will have no option as they will have to outline all the details regarding a product correctly hence boosting sales (Harri, 2007).

Consequently, charges for internet use are always very low hence making it an affordable option for marketers to display their products. This will impact e-business positively as marketers will spend less resources and gain better returns from online marketing (Manuel, 2001).