Interoffice Writing

The article The Guidelines for the Preparation of an Interoffice Memorandum describes a crucial aspect of interoffice writing. An interoffice memo is a vital document within an organization, major purpose of which is to address certain individuals within an organization. It highlights the aspects relating to actions within an organization such as information delivery or the recording of an agreement. The concise, yet informative message is a perfect for memo writing, as it allows quick assimilation of information by the intended party and facilitates referencing in the future. To achieve optimal results through the message in memo writing one should make several considerations.

First, before proceeding to the writing process, one should ensure comprehension of various aspects related to the intended audience. These aspects include the status of the audience within an organization, such as managers. This enables the writer to evaluate the register of the information in the memo. Once the memo writer identifies the audience, the next consideration should concern evaluating the aspects, which facilitate the effectiveness of conveying the information to the audience (Blunt 1). The sentence structures within a memo should be simple and clear. Thus, one should avoid using complex words and ambiguous business terminology. Using an outline will help the writer to organize thoughts and ideas within the memo appropriately.

Once the memo is written, it is crucial to proofread it and revise any mistakes that could have arisen during the writing. The common errors related to mistyping and misspelling. The proofreading stage is important, as it helps one to confirm that the memo contains the intended information (Blunt 1). Simple errors, such as mistyping and misspelling could completely alter the intended message and impose challenges for the audience to understand the information in the memo. Other aspects of proofreading stage entail confirmation of the addressed audience and the date of sending.

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