Inefficiency of the medical healthcare

One of the sources of the inefficiency of the medical healthcare is the giving of extra medical care which has little or no any health benefit to the patient. For instance, the old man was transferred to an inpatient rehabilitation center yet the physicians knew that he won’t receive any beneficial care in that facility.

Healthcare lacks coordination in that the physicians take a lot of time in determining patients’ illnesses and this could have been easier if they kept health records electronically.

Lack of embracing and using technology has greatly reduced the quality of healthcare delivery. Technology like using electronic health records is underused in the health sector which when used could boost the efficiency and quality of care.

Use of technology in keeping health records is a major initiative that needs to be incorporated into the health sector. A centralized electronic health records system would ensure that the physicians assessed the patient’s health records in time. Specialization and specificity in healthcare delivery wasn’t followed as they could have taken the patient to a health facility that specializes in stroke patients or heart problems and definitely this could have saved him.

Since this is a very serious matter I would appoint one of my vice president to head this initiative of making sure that the hospital prevents all the possible avoidable harms to patients since if not handled abruptly could even lead to the closure of the hospital. Human resource and therapeutic departmental heads should also be involved in this issue.

The team will be charged with foreseeing that all health personnel are taught on patients’ safety first and making sure that the laid down rules concerning patient handling are adhered to. The therapeutic department head will be in charge of communicating this effort to all the health personnel. In order to track the initiatives progress, the team will come up with a system in which a team member or all of them take time to visit the hospital wards during working hours and see if the personnel are adhering to patient safety rules. I will mandate the team to outsource patient safety professional to come and train the staff on handling patients.