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May 14, 2018 Studying Tips

There are two crucially important themes in Gonzales' poem: the politics of identity and the politics of self-determination.

Politics of Identity

The author skillfully explored the theme of political identity as he challenged people to contemplate and decide on how they identify themselves in political terms. Thus, Mexican, Latino, and Hispanic people should not shy away from their history and traditions but rather come to grips with their origin and embrace their mestizaje culture with its pros and cons. Mestizaje is Spanish word used to describe miscegenation or a mixture of various racial groups due to the factors like marriage and cohabitation.

Joaquin, an audacious person that accepts the challenge of revealing his true identity, is the main protagonist of the poem. He's both Mexican and American, which results in a fierce struggle with circumstances, society, and, most importantly, himself. The main protagonist is both a native and a foreigner, yet he isn't accepted by the ruling society. For Joaquin, the duality of his personality implies stark reality and being rejected. Interestingly, the work under analysis is frequently perceived as an allusion to the Chicano movement in the United States. Despite the fact that the word Chicano was only mentioned once, "I Am Joaquin," to an extent, acted as a catalyst for this civil rights movement. That's why this poem is shrouded in controversy. Nonetheless, for those whose hearts resonated with its veracity and profundity, the poem became a symbol of unity and connection with people who've taken up a way of finding their true self. What's more, it raises myriads of questions like the essence of identity, its meaning and necessity, its relation to personal identity, etc.

Politics of Self-Determination

The Gonzales admitted in one of his interviews that he wrote the poem to be able to shed some light on the historical issues, present-day reality, future, and the importance of personal identity. He said, "I wanted to inspire young people to understand themselves and to give them a message of unity, a message of what oppression is." It goes without saying that the work encourages a feeling of self-esteem, dignity, self-respect, and national unity. Owing to the depth of the author's intentions, it becomes clear why the poem gained enormous popularity and was included in Chicano study courses in America and many other countries. However, in the state of Arizona, it belongs to the list of prohibited books. Do you deem it appropriate in the modern world of freedom and equality?

All in all, "Yo Soy Joaquin" is a profound epic poem that gives much food for thought. To delve deeper into the topic, you may want to find out more about the issues raised by the author or buy "I am Joaquin" custom essay.

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