How to Improve Your Writing Skills Analysis

On the first starts of my education, I had some problems in writing. My grammar was poor, and essay structure was not perfect. Along the whole course, I have taken lots of different tasks, which helped me to improve my English, like this task in the English class 098. Now, I see good improvement in my education as I started to take more writing tasks. For an additional information and successful writing, I use one of the best resources – OWL. I send to OWL my essays, and others help me to correct them and inform whether something is wrong or right. Developing my writing skills, I always try to use best resources that can provide a real result. I believe that being enrolled in this English composition course and using additional information through the web has significantly helped me in my writing. Since for perfect writing one needs always improve his or her skills, I do not stop in my learning.

General Tips for Developing Perfect Writing Skills

In modern world, English is the first aspect you should master before starting your career. Like water and air, we need English for our life and job. Nevertheless, perfect communication skills will not help you if you cannot write correctly. Correspondence is an essential part of the business world, and to be a part of it, you need to know grammar and stylistics. Poor writing due to spelling or grammar creates a bad impression about the writer. A single mistake on the website of an organization can cause some doubts about its credibility. Clear statements show your professionalism and a will for further cooperation. Every letter has its own purpose, and there are no universal rules for perfect writing. While taking some courses or applying to the university, you also need to write an essay and proposal. While writing an article instead of an official letter, we use a different approach. Here are some tips to improve your basic writing skills not regarding the purpose of your work.

First of all, one should mention that correct grammar is an essential part of your writing. Basing on your punctuation and grammar, the reader makes an opinion about your level of language knowledge and your interest. If you understand that your grammar is quite poor, there is a chance to improve it. Read more articles and letters. Practice is the most effective way to improve your writing. Take a newspaper or magazine and search for an article you are interested in. Line all the grammatical constructions and try to explain them for yourself. Use not only grammar books and exercise books, search for web resources, such as Englishclub and Purdue OWL, and try to apply this information while writing the next letter or essay. Make sure that you use correct tense and form of the verb.

Secondly, you need to put the big emphasis on style of your writing. An idea or statement should be clearly stated and illustrated with examples. Composing process starts with prewriting of key ideas and paragraphs. Understanding an audience interests and your own purposes, use such elements as introduction with thesis and purpose of you essay, main part with examples and useful information to prove your point of view, and conclusion with clear statements of your thoughts from the main part. Be sure that you use the right words to illustrate your ideas. Moreover, linking words, such as “as a result,” “apart from this,” “as well as,” etc., will help you to enrich the letter with new words.

Every time you start an essay, its structure stays the same while its style changes. For example, while writing a comparison essay, you start with the introduction of the comparison topic. In the main part, you compare two or more elements regarding several main characteristics. Things can have similar and different features at the same time, but unhesitatingly, you need to prove your point of view with examples. When having any doubts, search for additional information in the Internet resources.

Finally, when your writing is finished, be sure to have enough time to make some corrections. If it is possible, look at your paper after a short break. Fresh look can help you to notice mistakes that you could not see before. Always, before sending your work, be sure in your writing. Even if you know all the rules, you cannot be confident in your writing until you double-check your work and make all the necessary changes.

Remember, when you are writing an essay, proposal, or a letter, a reader is interested in your own thoughts. If you have your own opinion of a topic, you are more likely to be interested in what you are writing about. As a result, your grammar and a whole structure would be on the highest level.