How an Investigator Prepares His Case for Trial


The arrest of a suspect is only the beginning of the investigation. After the arrest, the investigator has to submit relevant reports. These reports get reviewed by many other investigators, insurers, lawyers and victims. The investigator also has to prepare adequate testimony for the trial.

Preparation for the Trial

First, the investigator interviews the witnesses of the case. He/she makes sure that no significant witness is left out. This ensures that the defense does not produce surprise witnesses at the trial. The investigator then collects videos, photographs and visible evidence. This enhances the case of the prosecution significantly. Evidence presented to the jury members aim at convincing and informing them. Report writing is another significant step in preparing for the trial. No matter how brilliant the investigation was done, with a poorly written report, the case will be lost at the trial (Bugliosi, 2010). The reports written by the investigators record the information of the cases in written form. Therefore, it acts as memory of the department involved in the trial.

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Preparation Methods for Testimony

Officers have properly kept records and reports that are written in a well-organized manner. These records aid in providing a convincing testimony at the trial. For situations that can be confusing, they use creative illustrations. The officers go through the reports severally and master every detail. This helps a lot during question time. The officers then meet the prosecutor to review the report and decide the best way to present it. The last but the most noteworthy, officers prepare mentally for the trial (Christie, 2010). They master every detail of the case and rehearse thoroughly. This ensures mastery of the case and acts as an advantage when testifying at the trial.


For any investigator, the above methods of preparation are fundamental. To avoid loosing cases, the investigator should prepare adequately. This makes it easier to deal with questions posed by the defense.

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