History of the Holocaust

The holocaust occurred in the period between the year 1933 and 1945. This was when Adolf Hitler was the German chancellor and he is credited with being the mastermind of the events that took place during the Holocaust. The events that mainly transpired during the Holocaust included enslaving the Jewish community, seizing their properties, stripping them of their citizenship and gassing more than six million members of the Jewish community. Most of these crimes were committed during the Second World War. During the Holocaust, the gypsies and Slavic communities were also exterminated and enslaved in Germany. However, the members of these communities did not experience the Nazi brutality and anti-Semitism sentiments to the levels that were meted out to the Jewish community.

These crimes ended when the world war was worn and the German’s surrendered. before the events of holocaust escalated in the late 1930s, the Jewish community in Germany started having their property seized by the Hitler’s government and were subjected to forced labour, starvation, abuses of their human rights, human experimentation and eventually gassed in concentration camps. Out of the six million Jews who were killed about one million and a half were children. This population of the annihilated Jewish community accounted for two-thirds of their European population.

The crimes were committed after Adolf Hitler convinced most of his countrymen that the Jewish community was their enemies who sought to dominate that world. Earlier before Hitler was elected as the German chancellors there were anti-Semitism sentiments mostly expressed by such powerful scientists as Chamberlain Stewart and Paul de-Lagarde. They claimed that there was scientific proof that Jews were genetically inferior to the Aryan race. It thought such thoughts and distorted scientific evidence that the events of the holocaust transpired. The events exposed the ugliness that the human race is capable of committing with weaker laws and little international bodies influence.

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