History Journal: John Adams

The movie is about the Boston Massacre of 1770. The movie takes place in the freezing cold and army soldiers can be seen killing some men and injuring others as well. The questions that arise include who are these soldiers and why are they killing people. What are their intentions? Where did they come from? And when was this?

At first people are seen scampering for their safety or are being dispersed by soldiers as gun sounds can be heard. Later, the crowd presses around the soldiers, taunting at them by yelling and throwing snowballs and other objects at them. Some people can be heard wailing as they gather around those who have been injured saying, “No! No!” A man forks out a machete and seems that he is ready and prepared to use it. A man lying down who is clearly injured is heard coughing and this is when a man who seems to be the leader shouts, “Do no fire!! Do not fire…!” apparently to his soldiers who injured the man on the ground. The man on the ground seems to recover as he is administered first aid. Nevertheless, there are other people lying on the ground who have presumably injured or dead already. The soldiers seem that they have been sent by their boss to capture the city or kill dissidents who are disobeying or revolting against them.

History, however, tells us that a dramatic shooting occurred in the streets and this is what ignited the war, later called the Boston Massacre. The scuffle took place at the King’s street from counteraccusations from the British soldiers who did not pay the wigmaker’s bill. Defensive positions were developed later after the shooting incident where it was promised that there could be a fair trial into the alleged shootings.

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