Government and Private Sectors

In summary form, the planning and logistic mechanisms involves setting, first the town in segments, allocating land in the actual measurement of which it helps to minimize disruption, save costs and time, and lastly minimize loss of civil life of the people in the Swindon town through accidents. The contractors should use this project proposal as a part of their long-term plan policy and not as the only benchmark of the planning decision of the town. However, in short, the town should be divided into four main suburban sections mentioned above (Fuller, 2011), where the centre of the town is occupied by the Central Business District(CBD).

This segment should be apportioned for the offices for both the government and the private organization. It important according to for the contactor to start with the constructions needed in the town centre before proceeding to other areas. This will help to reduce unnecessary accidents and commotion in the city as the work will be done in phases (Fischer, 1975). To add on that, there will be a consistency in performance of the duties where the entire roundabout in the town and all buildings will have been constructed before the bus stations have constructed. This also helps to facilitate proper transport chain logistics and effective delivery of the necessary raw materials vital for the work. Secondly, they should proceed chronologically to the manufacturing and industrial segment which now boarders the CBD (Stein, 1993).

In summary form this segment should be divided to portions which are allocated to the light companies, some hotels and parking bays for heavy vehicles. This area deserves to be well connected to the network of roads and railway lines, purposely for transport of the industrial products. Thirdly the contactors after completing the second phase should then proceed to the residential area which should have the hotels (Jameson, 1990). Lastly and not the least the contractor should terminate the planning of the town by performing final construction work on the suburb areas which possess the other recreational facilities of the project work.

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