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We know that there are lots of reasons why students have difficulty in writing their papers. Some of them are:

  • Students do not know how to choose an appropriate topic. It is very important to find an interesting and involving topic of your essay. It should be interesting for you to investigate and write it, and for the teacher to read it. You should find arguments or ideas to make your essay meaningful.
  • Students are not able to make statements and make their ideas clear. There should be used a number of linking words and expressions to make your paper coherent.
  • They often use questions but are meant to answer statements which answer these questions.
  • Students often make use of famous quotations, but they are not always properly referenced.
  • Moreover, every paper has its own structure. There should be thesis statements and clearly defined paragraphs with appropriate vocabulary. It depends on the style of writing, kind of written assignment and many other factors. All these nuances should be taken into consideration while writing a paper. That is why, written assignments are challenging for the majority of students and they prefer to pay an adequate price for their calmness. Indeed, the price is cheap considering how many efforts are required to write a good essay.

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