Global Warming

Global warming refers to the average increase in temperature of the atmosphere in the troposphere and near the Earth’s surface which is likely to cause changes in the global climate patterns (Boswell M., Greve A. and Seale T 2011). The greenhouse effect refers to the absorption of heat by some natural gases where the heat is trapped in the lower atmosphere. Gases found in the atmosphere include methane, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, water vapor and other synthetic gases. The synthetic gases include hydrofluorocarbons, chlorofluorocarbons and sulfur hexafluoride. The natural greenhouse gases are responsible for affecting the Earth’s temperatures.

Climate skeptics claim that water vapor is responsible for global warming. For instance, Essenhigh E. G. (Ohio State University 2001, June 15) believes that the carbon dioxide released from burning fossil fuels from man-made devices into the atmosphere is just part of the natural water cycle to and from the sea and vegetation. Water, he says, has critical role as a radiation-absorbing gas in the atmosphere.

The occurrence by mankind-The use of fossil fuel, agriculture and changes in land use are the fundamental factors that are affecting the Earth’s system. All these factors are human-caused. The National Geographic indicates that most of the government representatives and climate experts from more than a hundred countries indicated that most of the increase in global temperatures since the mid-twentieth century is very likely (about 90% probability) due to increased anthropogenic greenhouse concentrations (Roach, J. 2007, February 2).

There are several myths about global warming; its causes. However, it has been proven that human activities such as changes in agricultural techniques, fossil fuel use and change in land use are the major causes of global warming. The effects of global warming have been felt and will continue being worse in future if no preventive action is taken. These effects include; floods, drought, heat waves and hurricanes among others.

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