Gender Role Analysis


The government of America has norms and laws that govern the country. Some of the laws are gender laws, which deal with gender issues such as gender inequalities. A gender role can be regarded to as a collection of norms appropriate for a man or woman in an interpersonal or social relationship. This essay covers some of the above-mentioned gender laws and norms.

The gender laws in America deal with the inequalities that affect the women in society. They aim at reducing the gap between men and women. The first norm is about women’s right to vote. This is the 19th amendment of the constitution. It dictates that no individual should be denied the right to vote on account of their sex. For example, this occurred in the last American elections (Fields, 2004). Statistics showed that white women in America voted 56% for Obama. This shows that women are not left out in the voting process. The government also has laws that regard the right of everyone to education irregardless of their sex. This has showed a gradual change in the percentage of men and women that attain a bachelor’s degree (Bartlett 2010). Employment is also another issue that is covered by the gender laws in America. The law dictates that this employment should not be based on the sex of the individual. This ensures that there is equality in the allocation of jobs. For example, statistics show that 1.1 million of American women work in health care, social assistance industries and educational services. These laws mainly ensure that women are not left out in the systems and activities of the society (Pierce, 1996).


It is clear that gender equality in America is an issue that is emphasized. This is evident from the laws and norms that are put into place. They cover every aspect of the activities that go on in the country. The different areas of the society are well covered with regards to gender equality. Therefore, the government plays an enormous role in the reduction of the cases of gender inequalities.

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