Freedom to Religion

There are many civil rights that emerged in making the constitution. Some rights did not bring conflict, while other rights are now in conflict. These include the right to privacy. This right recommended abortion and the right to die. This civil right protects an individual from government interference. The civil rights seemed to assist citizens to avoid deaths related to unsafe abortion. However, it is in conflict between the religious bodies that are against the practice.

There have been campaigns to address this right. Abortion as part of the right to privacy was introduced as a way of reducing the population, a way of choosing gender and a family planning method. This issue has been in conflict, thus, a political debate has been on the discussion. The discussion focuses mainly on when the government should control abortion and how to control abortion. The conflict in this issue is that governments are allowed to interfere where the state has an interest. However, the pro-abortion forces argue that the state has no major interest in protecting a woman’s prenatal life.

Freedom to religion has been in conflict in some countries and educational institutions. In places where there is discrimination of minority religion, conflicts have been on increase. The most common cause of conflicts, arise from restricting Muslims from wearing their veils, also restricting Christians from wearing the Christian cross. In other places, the conflicts arise from restricting the Jewish from wearing their skullcap. The article “Reading a torture memo”, seeks to answer questions of torture. It is a fact that torture does not save lives. It is an abuse of human rights. A prisoner in pain would go ahead to create a story to stop torture. Therefore, torture may not necessarily assist in getting the true information.

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