Forensic Toolkit

According to Ferraro, Casey, & McGrath (2005), the forensic toolkit is defined as a perfect tool that is used for thorough and complete forensic examinations. The forensic toolkit is composed of a number of useful features which include deleted file recovery, advanced searching, full-text indexing, data-carving, and email analysis among others (Prosise, 2003). Previously, child sexual trafficking and exploitation crime scenes were limited to physical settings such as church vestibules, school playgrounds, and trusted homes in the backyard.

In the modern world, the use of Internet has resulted into the existence of virtual grounds over which sexual predators exchange prohibited pornographic materials with their clients (Prosise, 2003). The largest number of computer crimes that are reported in a daily basis is associated with children sexual exploitation. Those who are involved in the study, investigation, and prosecution of the computer associated child sexual exploitation will find the forensic toolkit very crucial in achieving their goals (Ferraro, Casey, & McGrath, 2005).

The forensic toolkit features that will be very useful for investigation of computer associated child sexual exploitation crime include deleted file recovery, data-carving, and email analysis (Ferraro, Casey, & McGrath, 2005). As a computer forensic expert, I will use the deleted file recovery feature during my investigations on child pornography because most of the perpetrators delete all the data files associated with crimes they commit every day. Once I recover all the data files associated with the crime, I can securely preserve them for future use in a court of law.

In the process of get rid of data files from their computer hard-drives, the sexual predators may corrupt the data files making them unsuitable for evidential purposes. In this case, I can employ the data-carving feature of forensic toolkit to reorganize data fragments into original data after which I will preserve them future use. If the data files have been overwritten, they I can employ the email analysis feature to see whether the pornographic materials were shared online (Ferraro, Casey, & McGrath, 2005).

Therefore, the cases such computer associated child sexual exploitation crimes have been dealt with by use of forensic science. The forensic science experts employ forensic toolkits to extract data files that have been deleted, corrupted, or overwritten for evidential purposes in the court of law. This will actually reduce the tendency of committing computer associated crimes because it is no longer a secret to the perpetrator and their victims.

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