Food Science

According to “Even though certain foods are known for their ability to provide us with vitamin C, a wide range of factors determines how much is actually available by the time you are ready to eat it.” This is based on the fact that a number of factors affect vitamin C content in oranges. These include “plant’s growing conditions; method of processing; storage conditions; and exposure to heat, light or metals (especially iron, copper and aluminum)”.

It is generally understood that all foods contain different levels of nutritional compositions. The central aim of this project is to investigate and determine whether different brands of orange have varying components of vitamin C. The pertinent answers that surround this project will be answered through an experiment that will aim to measure and take a comparative analysis of the content on the variety of food samples and thus determine the effect of various factors on the concentrations of vitamin C.

This project will therefore seek to answer two questions that are directly related to its aim and objective. The general question will be – what are the factors behind different Vitamin C content in different brands of oranges? This question will firsts explore the importance of vitamin C in relation to maintenance of collagen, healing of wounds and in the growth and repair of tissues. This will be achieved through the analysis of its biological action in the body. To come up with accurate information and correct answers on this general question, a number of relevant literature will be reviewed to grasp the background study on the subject.

The specific question will be the food science project question – Do different brands of orange juice contain different levels of vitamin C?

As has been stated, the objectives of this project will be to measure and compare vitamin C concentrations on various foods and determine the effect of various factors on vitamin C concentration. An experiment will then be carried out to answer the specific question of this project and achieve its objectives.

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