Fascism is a form of nationalism with elements of radical authority (Reynolds, 2004). The main aim of fascist regimes is to unify their nations and people through indoctrination, training and mass mobilization. Fascism advocates for a supreme leader who becomes the head of all government arms and institutions. The supreme leader uses dictatorship to rule the nation and expects total loyalty from all citizens. Territorial expansion through aggression is used by fascist to exercise their dominance and authority.

In the 1930s, Japan adopted a fascist system of government through distinct processes. The main reasons for adopting fascism included the bad relationship with the western nations, growing population and economic problems and the need to dominate. Some of the reasons why the Japanese system of governance was fascism included the abolition of democracy and establishment of the dictatorship, territorial expansion against China and subsequent occupation of Manchuria. Democratic processes were perceived to be weak in the wake of western imperialism. The Japanese people were convinced that having a supreme leader could help the national against western imperialism.

Another indicator that the Japanese government had resulted to fascism was their violation of the League of Nation’s agreement on illegal possession of territory through aggression. When Japan was given the choice of either abandoning the aggression or leaving the League of Nations, it opted to leave the League of Nations. Moreover, when Europe was fighting Hitler and Mussolini, Japan maximized on the opportunity and declared the creation of the Great East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere, which purportedly aimed at freeing Asia from the occupation of western powers. Great East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere was just a means used by Japan to gain access to more natural resources and have a control over a large territory. This would boost the self-esteem of the country among other nations of the world that were fighting for supremacy.

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