The definition of a normal family is parents, mother and father, who live with their biological children under the same roof, with the father being the main provider of the family. The family also includes individuals who are related by either blood or marriage. However, the common definition of the family has been slowly changing. There has been a gradual increase in gay marriages. In addition, there is an increase in the number of single-parent families. Pets have become an integral part of most families (Bonham, 2005). These developments beg for a change in the definition of family. The contemporary family includes gay marriages, single-parent families, and pets.

My definition of the family is based on the relationships people have with their family members. When I was growing up, people were expected to have close relations with their family members. There were extremely few same-sex marriages. My religion prohibits same-sex marriages. Same-sex marriages are an abomination. Therefore, the mention of the term “family” obviously implied a union of the two consenting adults of the opposite sex.

The modern family has undergone drastic changes. There has been a gradual increase in women who seek employment. It is now common to find families where women are the breadwinners. In addition, women now have more financial freedom (Coontz, 2011). There is a gradual increase in gay marriages. This increases in the number of children who grow up in gay marriages. However, the media are the most significant factor that has affected the family. The media portray single parent life wrongly; media presents conflicts as issues that couples can resolve easily within a short time. In addition, the media do not portray experiences in nontraditional families (Strong, DeVault & Cohen, 2010). This makes people have a wrong perception of the family.

Social rearrangement of the family has resulted in many problems. There is a high increase in the rates of divorce. Most couples face a high risk of divorce due to causes that were previously non-existent or couples ignored them (Coontz, Parson & Raley, 1999). No one can deny that rates of divorce are on the rise. I have personally seen the breakup of several of my friends’ families.

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