Evolution and Systematics

Theory refers to the structure of ideas that interprets facts. On the other hand, facts are the world’s data that just don’t go away (Gould,1977).Another definition of a theory is that it is a proposed explanation to a phenomenon that is subject to experimentation to be approved while a fact refers to knowledge based on real occurrences of events. Evolution is a theory and a fact, and these are two different things. In American vernacular, a theory is defined as an imperfect fact. For instance, Eistein’s theory replaced Newton’s, but this did not stop the apples from falling on the ground. Nevertheless, it is a fact that gravitational pull does exist irrespective of various attempts to explain it (Gould, 1977). Other augments’ state that evolution is a scientific theory, in that it cannot be tested hence cannot be proven, and therefore it cannot be referred to as a fact.

Evolution is applied in several fields today. In healthcare, the theory is used in the production of vaccines. Using phylogeny, scientists are able to establish the relationship between two specimens. More so, they can study protected species especially those threatened with extinction and devise regulations to protect such (Mindell, 1997). Using Apple-remote evolution, doctors learn that it is important to study the interface of the product before marketing it. In ecology, evolution is most significant in studying genetics from one generation to another.

Evolutionary design is particularly applicable in aeronautical design. It is useful in solving problems that involve searching, not only a single optimal point but also populations of good designs among others.

Gould argues that phylogeny can b e used in law enforcement. It is helpful in solving of cases. Through an illustration, during one court case, he went ahead and used phylogeny, and evaluated the relationship between two strands of H.I.V, to decide whether the defendant was guilty of injecting a woman with H.I.V. (Mindell, 1997).

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