Event and Causal Factors Analysis Chart

An events and causal factors analysis chart should be done with a strictly linear approach. To make the chart correctly, there is a need for a skilled investigator to take into consideration all the factors. Nevertheless, he can identify some gaps: in logic, in information, evidences, etc. These entire factors are needed throughout the chart.

Whatever the situation we have, there is a need for a systematic trace of the logic from the statements of fact through analysis, conclusions and recommendations (Events and Causal Factors Analysis, 1995). One of the benefits that this type of chart is that it helps to find the gaps, and even if we fail to fill them, we at least identify them and can avoid them in further researches and investigations.

If we make a good chart it is easy to update it when information becomes available. When we discover some additional facts, it gives us an opportunity to identify further causal factors.

As it was mentioned above, the events and causal factors analysis charts have to be as unbiased as possible. However, the projection capabilities of trained and experienced analysts are also valuable.

As we know, the chart can consist of sticky notes of different colors. Unsubstantiated facts which are based on the experience and/or training might have the specific color of sticky note. Such kind of facts is not necessary to be a part of the chart as they are not logically proven and may the further investigation. If a chart still have such kind of facts, it is useful to check it twice or give it to another expert for a check to make sure that the opinion based on experience is still opinion.

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