Ethnic and Power Dynamics

Gender is an aspect that determines the femininity and masculinity of an individual and this is determined by the physical appearance of an individual, as it determines the output of an individual, while ethnic is an as aspect that classifies an individual to a specific race, cultural or tribal background, Power dynamic is an individual practices leadership roles in an organization of in the presence of people who have diverse backgrounds and ideas.

In the TV series “Time heals” starring Jada Pinkett-Smith women are depicted as creatures that are able to withstand pressure that is experienced in our daily life, this includes following their Career taking good care of their families and also providing guidance to fellow workers, as in the series the lead actress role is being a good mother to her teenage child, providing good services to the sick and fulfilling the requirements of her career (Anolli & Magnusson, 2005).

In the “The office” created by Greg Daniels the cast is let to mingle with each other, the series that highlights in the way people relate to each other despite their cultural, gender and power of an individual, as it is set in an office giving the audience the picture on the way workers relate to each other in an office.

The use of Verbal and non-verbal communication patterns are common actions used by the characters in the two TV series, as ways of communication between the two or more characters, and also as ways that the characters of communicating with the viewers.

Research revealed that Women are the loudest people when communicating their ideas as they practice verbal communication as compared to men who are always quiet as they adopts lots of non-verbal communication, this is experienced in the TV series (Souza, 2006).

It also states that the men are always in command of things in most cases, as they don’t encourage the women to take control of any leadership role but in the two series the women characters are seeking for the same respect that is accorded to the men, as they also take leading roles and practice responsibility.

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