Essential of Management Information System and Key Terms

Universally acceptable, the three dimensions to business problems are organizational, technology and people. Technological problems are so diverse; examples of such include the obsolete nature of technology, unavailability of the needed software, software and hardware incompatibility and problems experienced during the transition periods from one system to another (Sethi, 1987). Organization as a dimension of business problems encompasses various cultural beliefs and practices that affect the business, resource management problems and also political influence in the business environment. Lastly, people point of view encompasses the management relations to other employees and capabilities and experience within the workforce. Such problems emerge from questionable recruitment processes, lack of training for employees and lack of motivation for the employees.
What is the difference between IT and information systems. Information systems is an extremely broad term that houses all technologies applied in information systems and a variety of the types of information systems applied in different perspectives. An information system is a set of independent components, brought together and used together towards achieving a common goal. They carry out vital tasks that include data collection, processing, and storage and finally dissemination of information. In itself, it is not a business process, but information systems are used to handle business progressions (Stair & Reynolds, 2012). On the other hand, IT is a remarkably wide range that makes the management of information possible and under which the information systems are housed.

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Describe some functions of information systems.
Information systems and new technologies also have much to do with innovation and development of new products and services. It also improves the standards of an enterprise by influencing its operations (Bocij et. al, 2008).

Enhanced decision-making. This responsibility is mostly vested on the managers who make their decisions based on the information presented to them. Accurate, timely and reliable data are what they need to make this possible. Implementation of information systems, therefore, helps in the production of real-time information for instance on the feedback from customers on performance and services offered when it is required (Laudon & Laudon, 2009).

Communication in the business sector has also faced a formidable transition. People nowadays receive information through e-mails or on blog posts. The advertising departments of businesses have also resorted to the use of internet as their main media to reach a large audience at a relatively cheaper cost (Stair & Reynolds, 2012).

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