The Art and Philosophy of the Italian Renaissance

Introduction A number of changes marked the beginning of a new era in the XIV-XV centuries. In the world history, they have received the name “Renaissance.” During this period, the strengthening of the secular sphere and its gradual separation from the religious culture took place. The process had a variety of forms, for example, the…

What Is Justice?

Introduction What seems just to one person may seem unfair to another person. Ancient philosophers used to contemplate about justice, and contemporary political authors continue to try to define justice. Although the approaches of ancient and modern philosophers differ in many aspects, their views have much in common. Socrates views justice on a narrow level…

Debate on Christianity

Pro My Emperor Diocletian, as you may have been aware, the spread of Christianity made some of our senators worried, that it may threaten the ultimate authority the Roman Empire has on its multiple lands. They refer to the threats this cult can bring to our customs and principles, skewing the right from wrong and…

Interpretation of the Passage on the Book of Romans 5:1-21

The idea of salvation is one of the basic concepts in many religions. From the beginning of beliefs, like from the very beginning of humanity’s intelligent Weltanschauung, humans had a tendency to dualism, which was reflected in the beliefs as well.