Roman Religion

Introduction Initially, the beliefs of the ancient Romans were based on the observance of traditions and rituals. For example, the legend of the founding of Rome was an important part of the beliefs. Thus, Romulus and Remus employed divination “by observing signs in the heavens to decide which of them should rule and give his […]

Roe vs. Wade: Pro Choice

The problem of abortion is one of the hardest issues humanity faced. Can an abortion be considered as a standard private surgery procedure? The addressing of the issue of abortion faced discrepancy in the human rights context. On one hand, the question arises to what extent an unborn baby has a right to life. On […]

International Relations

The discipline of international relations continues to change given the emerging global trends that the human race cannot ignore. Issues that affect international relations are now broader than they were some years back. These changes call for the drafting of relevant policies to replace the conventional approaches that were used to analyze the political scenarios […]

Same-Sex Marriage

Today, it is extremely difficult to distinguish who is the modern man of the new generation, and how he or she should act. As far as the society is diverse and the notion of a person is significant, everyone should be ready to decide whether to accept modern phenomenon and reject old traditions or vice […]


The basis of “Salvation” story, “salvation” reflects a young boy who experiences a true revelation. The boy attends a church revival and it is there that he discovers that during salvation, Jesus will not appear in person or physically to a person for him to accept salvation. However, the boy gets salvation but out of […]

Safety Management and Risk Analysis

Abstract Transport is one of the fundamental pillars of economic and social development. Thus, a well established maritime transport infrastructure entails the concept of incorporating safety and risk evaluation in order to make this industry reliable and effective. There are more than a hundred thousand firms involved in this industry across the world today. Thus, […]

International Marketing: Market Entry

International marketing refers to the performance of business activities across borders for a profit. The extent of international penetration further describes the business. Several determining factors underlie the nature of success in doing international business. International marketing takes place when the marketer goes beyond the boundaries of the domestic market and explores new regions that […]

“The Mountain Man and American Anguish”

The mountain man who people believed to be from America, was expected to be brave and possess instincts that make him powerful. Psychological reasons made this man act entirely opposite to his nature. The mountain man had a different life. He had always been isolated and in a state of self victimization. He had dark […]

WWII The Pacific

On December 7, 1941, a successful surprise attack was carried out by the Japanese on the Pearl Harbor where more than 2400 people lost their lives, 1300 others had injuries, more than 1000 went missing, and 18 American ships and other properties were damaged. The Pearl Harbor was a United States Naval Base in Hawaii […]

International law

International law is the term mainly used when referring to laws that rule the conducting of free or independent nations in their associations with one another. In a better and detailed description, international law is a body of rules, regulations, and accepted practices by which different nations throughout the world work together with each other […]

Ronald Wright’s “A Short History of Progress”

Wright presents a conservationist argument urging humanity to practice moderation and use the world’s limited resources intelligently. His plea for sanity differs from all the others by virtue of the fact that he takes his readers on an informative and baffling educational tour through history in every civilization in all the continents (Episkenew, 195). His […]

Running Record

A running record is one quick child assessment method. It evaluates a student’s comprehension and reading level. The method examines both errors and accuracy. It is mostly used in finding students’ levels of reading, fluency checks and to identify comprehension weaknesses. This process only requires a few minutes and is done first hand. Assessment is […]

Safe Drinking

Introduction The report is vital because it gives guidelines on how safe drinking can be achieved while at the same time trying to present it in a manner that can be understood by all those targeted to read. The report is based on the Australian society and focuses on developing management plans that help in […]

International Hospitality Management

Globalization is a concept that aims at encapsulating the processes operating on a global scale. It makes reference to the constantly tightening connection networks which cut across boundaries of nations, integrating various communities in emerging space-time combinations. Globalization thus has had the impact on a number of sectors of the economy and many other aspects […]

Rogerian Argument & Ban on Smoking in Public Places

Cigarette smoking has serious health problems both to the first-hand and second-hand smokers. Individuals are faced with the risk of contracting lung cancer, high blood pressure and cataracts among other diseases. As the smoker inhales the smoke, it gets into the lungs directly and other systems of the body. Within some period of time, the […]

Role and Presentation

Novels written in the 19th Century were predominantly engaging and the manner in which their author’s roles and presentation styles brought out the events, beliefs, state of affairs, and attitudes towards different ideas and people during their time. Through having a clear understanding of these novels and the manner of some of the characters within […]

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