Enterprise Systems

An Enterprise system includes several software modules that are readily available and easy to put into application. The modules are put together to integrate data from various firms’ information systems. All collected information is maintained in a centralized database. The basic essence of an enterprise system implementation is assistance in job completion while exploiting available potentials. Mutually related business processes and functions are easily organized and centralized to ensure constant and real-time communication. With the use of an enterprise system, marketing, accounting, sales, finance, human resource, production, and manufacturing processes are executed more efficiently (Heiting, 2003).Implementation of an enterprise system in order to aid in achieving operational development offers significant benefits. To ensure that the enterprise system meets its objective value, the owning firm ought to implement it in an effective manner. The enterprise system’s design and installation are crucial steps to ensuring the development of a beneficial system. For instance, a shopping mall which sells great volumes and packages of various products requires putting in place a horizontal system specific to its operations. The enterprise system has to be customized to provide essential benefits. Not only does an enterprise system increment efficiency, but it also assists executives in accessing data at any time to aid in decision making and monitoring trends of individual products (Furnell et al., 2008).

Besides the mentioned benefits, enterprise systems also involve some deficiencies. Although enterprise systems were invented to solve issues in companies, they do not entirely eliminate all of the challenges. They aid in cutting supply costs, change ratios, real-time stock, or customer requirement updates, and render income, but drawbacks still exist in enterprise systems (Salehnia, 2002). As a sound example, if a theft would occur at the shopping mall mentioned in the earlier example, the system would not account for commodities lost as it would not be recorded as being bought or damaged.

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