Embodied Impression Formation

The article discusses the experiments conducted to determine how motor neurons affect individuals’ responses. Under the study, human judgment was evaluated according to the approach and avoidance response. Human trustworthiness was investigated in order to establish the ideal test for the approach, which could reveal the effects causing by motor neurons. It implied that the experiment results would reveal different types of human perception. As a result, social judgments could be improved due to motor cues (Slepian et al., 2012).

It was a correlational study experiment. Thus, it focused on the relationships existing between motor movements and the individual’s response to objects. As a result, the relationship existing between two variables could be determined through the approach and avoidance task.

Initially, the study involved a group of sixty-three private university undergraduates; fifty-eight percent of the participants were females. They were provided with computer joysticks for responding by pushing or pulling. In this regard, a pull implied a trustworthy person while a push meant an untrustworthy individual judging from the provided images of faces. Considering the images, most respondents showed similar results. They understood the needs of the experiments.

The second study involved another group of fifty-five undergraduates with fifty-six percent of females who took part in the experiment. Under the study, arm tension was tested according to impression formation. During the experiment, arm extension and flexion were crucial for data inputting. The participants responded to the images of different faces relying on their perception of human trustworthiness. This time the outcome was more significant than the initial experiment results even though the images were similar.

The findings of the study indicated that motor movements considerably influence human response to things. In this case, our perception of various situations and phenomena emanates from the motor neurons effects. Therefore, it is crucial to control our motor movements to regulate our perception and behavior.

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