Electronic Portfolios

An electronic portfolio can be defined as a well organized and useful bringing together various academic developed samples which have been collected over a period of time with an aim of demonstrating a given progress toward a certain academic goal. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the process of developing an e-portfolio and identifying the benefits of an e-portfolio. The purpose of the portfolio is to help showcase what i have achieved in my academic program. It helps in the documentation of growth and areas of improvements going further and focusing on individual specialized areas. It also helps to compile the organized and gathered academic work samples. The following are the process that is involved while developing an e-portfolio. (i)Collection process-this is the basic part of developing an e-portfolio. The purpose for which portfolio will serve, the expected audience and the use of future artifacts will help in determining what will be collected this. (ii)Selection phase-it is in this stage that the one developing the portfolio to carry out examination on what has been collected and determining what will be made available in the permanent portfolio. (iii)Reflection stage-in this stage the portfolio developer will articulate what they are thinking about all the pieces contained in the portfolio. This process helps the learner to be aware of themselves. In this stage, portfolio act a tool for making long-term developments in the portfolio. (iv)Connection stage-it is at this stage that the portfolio is made available to the intended audience and it is discussed in a more meaningful conversation on learning. The feedback that can be collected from this stage will be used for setting more goals. The above are the various steps that one follows while developing an e-portfolio. It is up to the developer of the portfolio ensure that all that is need for the portfolio is put together to enhance development of a more attractive portfolio to the intended audience.

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