Eastern and Western Halves of the Roman Empire

The way the Eastern and Western halves of the Roman Empire structured their politics, economy and social life highlights various contrasting aspects between the two entities. Concerning the economic aspects, the Eastern halves retained a significant number of the wealthy and large cities. Thus, it had a stronger economy compared to the Western halves. On the other hand, the Western halves an undeveloped economy with a significant percentage of its populace living in poverty. Barbarians had plundered and destroyed the economic drivers of the region causing it to plunge into extreme economic destruction. Repeated raids contributed to the collapse of the Western central authority and further worsened the economic situation of the region.

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Politically, the Eastern halve had a well-established system of governance. A class of warriors who shared power with the king ruled the Kingdoms. In addition, the Eastern bloc had a well-structured judiciary system. This region practiced the Roman law and strictly followed the procedures and code associated with this law. On the contrary, because of the invasion and assimilation of the Western bloc by the Barbarians, the governance of the region relied on independent kingdoms. The law in the Western block was a combination of the pagan Germanic whose basis was the common law. Administrative roles depended on tribalism and superstition. Regarding the social life, the inhabitants of the Eastern bloc spoke Greek. The region’s dominant religion was Christianity.

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Only a small portion of the population prophesied other faiths. On the other hand, most of the inhabitants of the Western bloc spoke Latin. Only a few individuals were Christians. Some of the similarities between the two blocs are the presence of Christians, kingdoms and the practice of the Roman traditional culture (Bang, 2011). The Byzamite culture developed in the Eastern bloc of the Roman Empire after the empire split. This culture was unique compared to the culture of the Western bloc. It had a prestigious lifestyle due to vast wealth. Byzamites spoke Greek, practiced the Roman culture and followed strict Roman laws in the administration of justice and addressing social issues.

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