Early US History

Before the American Revolution, the Indians had good relations with other colonies especially the French. The French had holdings in North America, which Great Britain took over after they won the French and Indian war. However, the British did not still maintained good relations with all the Indian tribes that were earlier in close relations with the French. However, most tribes were on good terms with the British and traded fur. The Indians got support from the League of the Iroquois, which played a major role in their victory in the war. Great Britain did this so as to keep the Indians away from any relations with American frontiersmen. Up to the French and Indian war, the Indians were offered the western side of the Appalachian Mountains as their reserve. The Indians and Native Americans benefited from the other tribes that lived on the Eastern side through trade and new technology. Indians who traded with Europeans had advantages as they obtained necessary commodities like weapons, knives, cooking utensils, axes, and fish hooks.

However, just prior to the American Revolution, the League of the Iroquois could not make up their mind on whom to support among the colonial powers. As a result, individual tribes decided to support different powers, some supporting the British, others the colonists, and some opted to remain neutral. European colonial powers mainly got control of India through conquest and trade. In earlier days, Indians had good relations with most powers including Romans especially because of the trade ties they had. However, prior to the American Revolution, most colonial powers wanted to control the Indians and their trade, which led to a break in the ties.

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