Drop Sociology

Petition to Drop Sociology 102 after Deadline. I hereby submit my petition asking to be allowed to drop my Sociology 102 class, even though I could not tender my petition within the stipulated deadline. I like sociology as a subject and for this reason, I am a sociology major student. However, I have struggled with Sociology 102 in my first semester despite difficulties that I faced. I still had an inner feeling that everything will change for the better. Due to the rules and regulations of the institution, I cannot afford to take the course that I strongly believe I will not get the minimum grade of C that is required. I came to realize during my short spell with the course that the study of sociology is not only about a particular country, or region. It also studies of how the entire world interrelates. Sociology 102 class is the study of how modern issues like globalization and immigration affect the social spectrum. This requires a lot of reading and since I am an international student with poor mastery of the English language, I always find myself studying at a lower pace than expected. Therefore, regardless of my interest in Sociology 102, the requirements of the course are too overwhelming to get the pass grade at the end. I intend to drop the class in this semester so that I can defer it to the next quarter. This will give me ample time to get acquainted with the general concepts of Sociology 102 and to improve my English so that I can try to improve my performance next time. I believe that my next attempt will enable me to get the grade that will assure me of a 2.0 overall GPA average as a sociology major student. With these reasons, I urge the institution to allow me to defer the course to the next quarter so that I could pass it successfully.

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